The Girls!

Man, I do love working with clients for a second (or third or fourth) time!

I can deeply connect with these mums, dig deeper into what makes them (and their labours) "tick", and watch the emergence and transformation of a mother.

I love the postpartum visit, where I always manage to have a tea-party (or, in this case, be presented with a wooden mixer and a plate of wooden toast, wooden egg, and a special spoon) laid on by a little sparkling child in a tutu, play a song or two, and hold a crying baby.

It's a wild and wonderful visit with lots of laughter, and tears so close to the surface that you can almost touch them.

I love to see these mums finally understand that their first (typically LONG) labours were just normal for them (and their baby) on that day (no one's fault, no guilt, it was what it was)...and that their second labours were glorious life-affirming gifts. What healing! What depth of understanding comes at this time!

No wonder we're all smiling (all except that wee one!)