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Birth is something that you know on a deep level. But modern life has chipped away at our inner knowing, and shaken our confidence in the body.  So, you might want to do some reading. Start with Dr Sarah Buckley and Ina May Gaskin, then branch out slowly. Balance fiction and poetry with the best evidence. The books and websites listed below should build your knowledge and confidence. 


Required Reading

These two books balance best evidence with common sense. Dr Sarah Buckley's research is thorough, and her work is respected. Her words, like "undisturbed", have been part of my own birth vocabulary since I began working as a doula. Then there's Ina May Gaskin. She "knows" birth. Her words can sometimes surprise you, but the births she describes are the births that I see every week. Real. slow. power.

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


Kelly Mom 
The best place to check in the middle of the night. But it's best too google "Kelly Mom + your topic" instead of trying to navigate this site.

Breastfeeding Online
Jack Newman's words and videos are so helpful. His Facebook posts are even better!

Lactation Consultant
Renee Hefti (If you hire her for a private breastfeeding class, then you'll feel even more comfortable calling her to make a lactation consultant visit postpartum.)    604-733-6359 

Healthy Families BC 

Ask Dr. Sears

Mothering Magazine

Janet Lansbury