Okay...so here’s an excuse to buy new bedding

When a single friend calls to say that she’s had “quite the night!” it can mean many things. But, when a client calls me post-baby and says the same thing, well, it means something completely different.

So, a client called to tell me that they’d had “quite the night!” She said that they had kept the night-time as low-key as possible. “Just like you said, Jacquie - lights out, no eye contact with the baby (Ed. note: If she sees you looking at her, then it’s party time!), making sleep sounds during feedings, not waking a sleeping baby, limiting overnight diaper changing, etc.”

“Things were going quite well. Then, at 4am, I felt like one breast must have leaked all over the baby during the feed. In the dark, I used my hand and a cloth to wipe it up, then curled up with her and fell asleep.”

“Just after 6am, we all woke up, the sunshine streaming through the thin curtains, illuminating the bedroom scene of poopy chaos!!!”

“My husband said if the room had been filmed in black and white, it could have passed as a scene of carnage!” she laughed, as she was telling me the story over the phone. “There was baby poop EVERYWHERE! It was smeared all over my face, my nightie, his hair, the baby’s hair...just everywhere! In our sleep, we’d rubbed it all over the sheets. too. I’d taken off her diaper, but not put another one on!!”

“We could have cried. But, we just sat there in bed, laughing. Because we remembered that you’d told us a similar story of another couple doing this...and using it as a good excuse to buy fancy sheets. So, we threw everything into the garbage (Editors note: I know, I know... this isn’t an eco-friendly story) and got into a bath together - all three of us. It was quite wonderful.”

Love it!