The Divine Blessings of Bread

Okay, so it's been one crazy week.

When I had my first few hours to do what I pleased, my husband asked what I'd like to do. "Well, let's go for a walk by the water first, then, I feel the need swing by Meinhardt's on our way home."

The walk by the water is pretty self-explanatory after all the water births, rain, water breaking, this week. In Vancouver, we all feel drawn to the water. I had to go there.

But Meinhardt's? It had been in a dream this week. I'd run into the store, picking out lots of little things. And bread. I had to get bread in the dream.

So, off we went for our walk along Kits beach in the wind and the rain, then to Meinhardt's. I bought some Ukranian Rye bread...which reminded me of the wonderful bread we buy at the Cardboard House Bakery on Hornby Island in the summer.

But this morning, ready to slice into the bread, I turned to read the label.

"Bread has always played a role in many Ukranian folk customs. No significant family event takes place without it. Bread is used to bring divine blessings to the commencement of farm tasks, the marriage ceremony, the birth of a child..."

I eat the bread with intention....slowly...