7 in the month before 7/7/07...things are going swimmingly...

In the month before 7/7/07, I attended 7 births.

To honour these families, here are their stories:

1. She denied her labour long enough to make sure the men renovating her house would complete the fireplace. Next, she dashed over to her contractor's house for a meeting.  When she called me to check in, she sounded so far along that I could almost hear her dilating! Luckily, her husband was close by, so he picked her up and drove like a speed demon. So this was my first "headset" birth, two cars converging on the hospital, my voice quietly speaking into her ear through each contraction. I also managed to call the hospital and doctor on a second cell phone. Dad remained calm, mum remained calm, and the baby was born in short order upon arrival at BC Women's. Phew!

2. This woman's waves were still totally manageable at 3am. We waited for the moment when the contractions make her leap up. We were on! Then she moved and moved. Back circles, dancing, hip shakes at 4:30 made the difference...ah, yes...dancing, moving...all the right signs by 5am...thenborn at 5:30...9lb 5oz..."No wonder that hurt!" Baby was suckling on mum's neck at 6am. It was a lovely night.

3. This woman walked to and from the hospital, alongside her husband on crutches. Need I say more? Amazing!

4. If this woman's phone had packed it in a few minutes sooner, she would have given birth alone in an upstairs room. Luckily, there was just enough time for her to call her partner and I, get to the hospital, dash up to the best room in the house, have a shower, then have a baby - sunnyside up, no less! Thanks to our amazing nurse, coming in to work just for us, and helping to facilitate yet another undisturbed birth.

5. When a woman is sick with a cold or flu, the body seems to take pity on her, and make the labour that much faster. Well, it worked again. Another quick birth. Softly breathing through each contraction, accepting each wave as it came, she birthed a beautiful baby boy before too long - then he peed all over dad's pants! "Hey pumpkin, what do you think?"

6. It was a dark hot night. The fan was blowing. She laboured in the tub, moving with the contractions. The power increased, the midwife arrived. Only then did the woman believe it would happen. She stretched her legs to the sky, "wide open like wings", and the baby slid out into dad's hands. Milk and chocolate for afters. "Just lovely," says mum.

7. This little one waited until he was good and ready. And there was no induction this time! Mum and son were at the beach. I walked to her house, and she gave birth with the sand still between her toes 2 1/2 hours later. Thanks to the nurses who believed me when I said the baby was coming FAST! Thanks to Dad for getting little one to sleep for his afternoon nap, so he could make it to the birth! 

It was an honour to be a part of these births. Welcome to the 5 boys and 2 girls!