No.3 It's Okay To Not Like Things

I hope you enjoy listening this week as Jacquie, Alanna and I begin to share some strategies for developing family fundamentals. This week we start off by focusing on partner communication, which as anyone in a long term relationship will know is key to a happy and healthy couple.

These strategies will come in handy whether you're a new couple laying the foundation of your relationship and planning for the future, or a veteran parent who is looking for new ways to approach communication, conflict and recognition. 

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Here's a summary of our family fundamentals for communication:

Communication Basics
    Talking - open sharing
    Listening - active acknowledgement and asking question
    Reflecting - take time to process your thoughts and build connections together

Create Space to Talk
    Develop family rituals, in nature if possible
    Invest time daily to talk and connect
    Check in with long term plans, goals, and desires - weekly, monthly or yearly?

Approaching Adversity
    Managing stress and concern
    Do you argue, debate or discuss - acknowledge and align your style
    Take an objective point of view
    Admit when you're wrong and apologize
    Accept limitations of time, place, finances, ability, etc.    

    Practice communication skills by celebrating each other
    Invest time by participating in each other's interests
    Protect time for yourself and your partner
    Recognize that there is no "one perfect way"

Resources and References 

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