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I am Alex Munro, host of Agile Family, a podcast about pregnancy, birth, and becoming parents. Listen as Alanna and I share our journey as a growing family practicing respectful parenting, trust, communication and active participation in the life of our baby James. We are joined by my Mum, Jacquie Munro, Doula and childbirth educator of 30 years, who shares with us her experience as we tackle big issues that come up for new mums, dads, and families. 

This week we focus on helping you get to know us better by sharing our birth story. You’ll also get to hear Jacquie talk a little bit about the power of sharing birth stories.

“Telling our unique birth stories helps us to process and integrate the experience, and over time it also helps us to understand ourselves. After attending births for almost 30 years, I can really say that every birth story is different. Some births may look the same on paper, but each story will be told differently. What you call your birth story is a reflection of your perspective of life… at that point in time. So it’s important to reflect on your own experience. What stands out for you can be very revealing and life changing. Our stories may also change as we change. Even the most challenging circumstances in birth and life might be framed positively. Listening to and being exposed to all perspectives can help influence your own perception in an empowering way.”

- Jacquie Munro

We hope that by sharing the perspective of birth being a normal part of life, we will have a positive impact on how you perceive your own birth story.

As an Agile Family, we believe in evidence based, informed decision making. Our goal in creating this podcast is to spark positive dialogue and critical thinking, and to support a community of engaged parents and caregivers. 

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Disclaimer: The information and material in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only. Although thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are believed to be factually accurate, they are not intended to replace or substitute professional medical advice or care, and should not be used for the diagnosis of healthcare problems or the prescription of treatment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the physical or mental health of you or your baby, please seek the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional.