Slow Birth

Slow Birth, as an extension of the slow movement, is my commitment to each doula client and her family to nurture stronger connections, and to discover each family's pace, each family's needs. Slow Birth is about supporting the birth of each unique family with time and care. Ultimately, my aim is to help clients build their own connections within their community, slow down, and enjoy the first years of family life together.


Jacquie Munro

I have been interested in birthing issues since I studied developmental psychology at UBC in the early 1980's, focusing on mother/child interaction and language development.

After my inspirational experience with midwifery care, I worked to promote the registration of midwives in BC, and became involved in our local birthing community.

In 1987, I trained to become a Certified Childbirth Educator with Vancouver Childbirth and ICEA. After teaching hundreds of couples, I was still hearing that women weren't happy with their birth experiences. Despite their increased knowledge, women said they felt powerless in the hospital setting without one-to-one support. I wanted to see if my presence at births might have a positive impact. I attended all the births from one class of 13 couples, and each birth was simple and without complication. Was I on to something?! 

I didn't realize it then, but a doula had been born. It was years before the term "doula" was coined. From then on, my focus began to shift toward providing one-to-one support for couples throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. 

During those early years, I was the Coordinator for Vancouver Childbirth, taught prenatal classes with Vancouver Childbirth and Kwantlen College, helped to develop the Douglas College Doula Course, was DONA-certified doula #16, the BC DONA representative, and developed a holistic childbirth education series for The Midwifery Group.

I now work closely with your "birthing team" to provide the best care for families during the childbearing year. I stay current by attending 4 births a month, attending workshops and conferences, networking, reading and researching "best evidence" during every spare moment, as well as listening to my most willing teachers - our clients and their babies.

I have provided doula care to almost 2000 women and their families at home and in the hospital, and have taught thousands of expectant parents. I currently work in a solo practice - and still love what I do!

Outside my life as a doula, my husband and I are slowly (with our own hands) building a second home for the clan to gather. Helpers include our children and their kids, our four grandsons (8, 8, 3, and wee). We also have a thing for slow travel on two wheels!

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When Jacquie speaks, I just feel calm.  Jacquie brings with her a wealth of experience in pregnancy, labour, and post natal care for mom and baby.  My husband and I were so happy to have Jacquie on our team throughout our entire experience.  She is caring, kind, and was always respectful of the choices we made (in advance and in the moment) about our birthing plan.  Her assistance was especially valuable during labour (she knows all the nurses and doctors) and after our son was born, when she was an amazing resource on breastfeeding and all those parent worries.  Jacquie not only attended the birth, but was available day and night by email, phone and text.  She still checks up on us 9 months later.  We highly recommend Jacquie.

Claire Wilson


Jacquie was everything I could have hoped for and more. She was a constant source of support through my pregnancy and knowing that she would be there to assist me made me much more confident about my birth. Always calm, always reassuring, she guided me through my labour in a way that made me feel safe and powerful. She helped me have the focus and security to have my baby at home. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. She's brought a lot of babies into this world as a doula and has a crazy amount of knowledge to impart about becoming a mother.

Andrea Paterson

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