Coming up for air...

Okay, so I've officially decided that the full moon really MUST make babies come in groups!

In the past week there have been so many babies, with their due dates randomly spaced over a six week period. Thankfully, there were no overlaps. Well, there was one 8-minute gap between two clients (it took me 8 minutes to run down the hill from one completed birth at St Paul's hospital to the next client's house by False Creek!)

So, there were two undisturbed home births, two undisturbed hospital births, and two challenging births caused by sweet posterior babies (resulting in one cesarean and one vaginal birth). The largest baby (9lb 13oz) and the smallest baby (6lb 12oz) this week were both born vaginally with no meds. What a ride!

Here are some wonderful quotes from the women in labour:
"I'm not scared, it just hurts."
"Once a contraction's over, you feel like you're in paradise."
"That was good! Almost no pain!" (about contractions in the shower)
"You have no idea how hungry I am right now!" (said at 10cm)
"That was the best experience of my life!"
"When his head came out, there was all this liquid, and it almost healed me..."
"I never knew he'd be this beautiful."
"I never knew she'd be this beautiful."