Le Premier Cri

Don't you just love Paris? In the Opera Metro station there's an ad for an amazing birth movie. Would you ever see that in Vancouver? A birth movie in full theatrical release? With an ad in a Skytrain station?

However you can view Le Premier Cri, find it, view it (I googled and found the complete movie online.) Yes, it's in French, but please forget all the French that you know, and listen to the birth sounds, the music, not the words of the narrators.

The cinematography is breathtaking, the births are achingly beautiful. I found myself laughing out loud in joy at the woman in Mexico being carried to her car in a blanket and transported to the seashore just after giving birth. I wanted to be the woman moving beautifully through the South American jungle to the river - stripes on her belly. There is truth in this movie.

Find this movie - the search will be worth it...

(Note: I've been getting emails from people who can't find the movie...ask a teen...honestly...they'll have it for you before the end of the day...)