Land Speed Records (baby style)

The three little girls born this week almost set land speed records. The total official labour time for all three was 5.5 hours. Wow! (One was a first birth!) Now, I'm counting the official labour time as starting once TWO progressive regular contractions are coming every 10 minutes. (That's 2/10 for short.) Now, the total time of the three labours from the "first sign" adds up to 14 hours.

So, we had "fair warning" for each. I made it to each birth...and we all made it to the hospital in time (my apologies to the drivers that we flashed on the highway!) We didn't spend much time at the hospital before each baby was born (45min, 2 hrs, 30 min.) And...the quotes from the mums and dads and babies were great... "It's amazing the second time around - that was a little easier!" "I can't believe it's over already!" "The whole thing was incredible - crazy!" "That wasn't as bad as I expected!" "Whaaa!"

Now, I wonder if these girls flew into the world because they knew they were joining their sisters? Between these three families, there are now 6 girls!

Welcome to Hannah, Sadie, and Ava!